2021 Client Testimonial – Venango Training


2021 Client Testimonial – Venango Training

Taking the time to ask and receive input from clients is crucial to any business operation. After all, the product or service you are providing is 50% about the product/service itself and 150% about the customer or client’s experience with it (math, don’t question it). What are you doing right? Where can you improve? What sets you apart? Why did they choose YOU? This article takes you through the Ford customer journey for Venango Training from start to finish.

A+ Customer Relationship + Actionable Feedback = Continuously Improving Business

Ford Office Technologies has been taking our client relationships seriously since 1991, with a continuous effort to improve our business in every step of the process. Through continuous feedback and implementation of that feedback, we have managed to develop state-of-the-art processes for printers, copiers, document management, IT services, and more. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview the team at Venango Training, below is an inside look at how that interview went.

Q: What was it like before you started working with Ford Office Technologies?

A: It was really hard to get a contract and non-contract IT support for the machines. Once, we waited a month and a half for them to come out and tell us “no, we can’t do that”. At lease end, there was no maintenance on the machines at all without a renewal.

Q: What problems were you trying to solve with our products and services? 

A: Customer service was a primary focus when searching for a new copier lease, along with equipment and pricing. We needed someone we could call and with Ford Office Technologies having a service person assigned to us when there was an issue, our service person was here by 8 am the next morning. It was rockin’ service for us.

Q: What made our product/service stand out?

A: We heard about Ford through John Hicks, who stopped by with one of the owners of the company. He is amazing, very persuasive, truthful, trustworthy, and listens to what your needs are. When we were doing the end of the lease with our last company and returning the equipment, John told us he would take it with them and return it for us, “no a big deal”. It took us 6-7 months to resolve an issue with our last equipment return, so we were hesitant. It was very exciting to us that this lease end was so easy. We actually received notification, Ford took it down there, shipped it out basically the same day. When I called to verify that it was returned, we were informed that we would be getting a refund because it got there so fast.

Q: What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?

A: Having a local service technician has been a game-changer. You guys can work within our operating hours without having to wait around for service after we close for the day like we had to in the past.

Q: What about our business surprised you the most?

A: Everyone is just so friendly. You guys are a great part of the community.

Q: What would you tell someone considering working with Ford?

A: I don’t think that you are going to have a better experience than with John Hicks and Ford Office Technologies. We are blessed to have them with us and we have nothing but respect for Ford.


Want a customized solution based on your needs? Not quite sure where to go from here? Let the experts at Ford Office Technologies give you a hand at 1-800-633-3673 or by emailing info@fordtech.com

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