Cyber Threats: 3 Steps to Help Secure Your Systems

Cyber threats

With up to 1,500 businesses affected by ransomware attacks in 2021 and 2 out of 3 organizations falling victim to cyber threats in 2020, cybersecurity is more important than ever. A malware attack can cost a corporation $2.5 million and small business attack losses averaged $25,000 in 2021.

For small to mid-sized businesses, it is almost always recommended to have a team of IT professionals in place to prevent any type of security breach from affecting your business long-term. In the meantime, the below steps can help to secure your systems amid worldwide cyber threats.


1. Stay Connected to a Secure Wifi Network and/or Company VPN

To avoid cyber threats when working outside of the office, ensure the computer is connected to the company Virtual Private Network (VPN). Public Wi-Fi poses many risks including unsecured and unencrypted data that is easily accessible to hackers connected to the same network.

Another cyber threat with free public Wi-Fi are imposter networks or honeypots. If the computer is closer to the hackers Wi-Fi signal than the public Wi-Fi option, it will only see the imposter network. If the device has been connected to the network in the past, it may even automatically connect to the imposter network. To ensure safer use with public Wi-Fi, ensure automatic connection is turn off, check to see if there is a “lock” in the URL of any page where sensitive information is entered, and always connect to the VPN.


2. Ensure Software is Up to Date

If the computer gives a “Please Update Your Computer” alert, LISTEN. Typically, this is to protect against known cyber attacks where hackers can get access to the computer.

Check for Windows Updates:

  1. Click the “Tool” symbol (Settings) in the Start Screen of the windows icon.

2. Select “Updates & Security” to check for any new updates to the computer software.

Check for Mac Updates:

  1. Click the “Apple” icon on the top bar and go to “System Preferences”
    cyber threat

2. Click “Software Update”

cyber threat

3. Mac will check for updates and provide instruction on how to initiate the updates on this page.

cyber threat

3. Stay Alert for Email Phishing cyber threat

A  SUIT  OF  ARMOR  PROTECTS  YOU, but  human  error  can  pierce  it.

Even if you have security systems in place like defense in depth, patched systems, 24/7 monitoring/alerting, annual compliance auditing, and an experience IT/security team, human error can compromise your business. Something as simple as clicking on the wrong link in an email can allow hackers to access confidential business information.

Here are some of the red flags to look out for within an email in 2021 to avoid a cyber threat:

  • Incorrect Email Address domain
  • Poor Grammar or Spelling
  • Generic Greetings
  • High Urgency Requests
  • Suspicious Links
    • Hover over any links BEFORE clicking to ensure it is a secure and appropriate URL, matching the description
  • “Verify Your Account” Links That Were Not Requested


Ford Office Technologies provides IT consultations to fully-determine your IT service needs and provide you with a customized solution. Our full analysis includes anti-virus/malware status, operating systems, email systems, documentation, internet firewall security, system backup, servers, and security updates status. We will work with you to meet your business objectives, overcome any infrastructure problems, and design a plan to improve the setup and efficiency of your IT systems.

Connect with an IT Expert today to talk through all of your questions and concerns. Find out why Ford Office Technologies is the total solution for your business.

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