3 Ways IT Helpdesk Services Can Help Your Business

IT Helpdesk

IT helpdesk services are resources that can help your business with everyday IT and computer issues. They can be used to support a company’s current IT setup or as a standalone service to support your employees with day-to-day IT challenges. Generally speaking, helpdesk services are what help keep your employees functioning and efficient. They are a necessary resource for every size business. Here are three (3) ways outsourced IT helpdesk services can support your business:


While many businesses maintain an in-house IT department, they can become very overwhelmed with increasing departmental demands. The influx of functions that fall within the IT wheelhouse can make it nearly impossible to keep up with the demand. Ultimately, this disables the ability of the employees to function efficiently.

The core of a company’s network, security, software, website, office equipment, phone systems, and more fall within their realm of expertise. However, staffing needs to maintain all of these systems are very seldomly feasible for the average company. Moreover, this issue is magnified as the IT department burns out.

Outsourced IT helpdesk services can alleviate some of the basic function of the IT department. This allows the team to focus on the higher-level needs of the company. A few the common issues that an IT helpdesk team can assist with are:


Password issues and resets are an ongoing problem for many businesses. Individuals forget their passwords on a regular basis and wind up locked out of their computers. If you have an in-house IT department, they may require you to submit a work order to reset your password, which could take several hours to get to.

An IT helpdesk service can get that employee back up and running in a matter of minutes resulting in very little down time.


Printer issues can happen at any given time and render a printer unusable. In many cases the in-house IT department is the first course of action for these issues. The problem could range anywhere from a paper jam to a network connection issue, but until it is diagnosed and fixed, it hinders the user from functioning efficiently. For an overwhelmed IT department, it could take a few days to address the cause of the problem. Furthermore, once they are able to diagnose the issue, it could take a few additional days if parts are required or they need the assistance of an expert.

An IT helpdesk service can immediately contact the employee reporting the issue and frequently walk them through diagnosing the problem. If parts are not required, they are likely to have the printer functioning again in a matter of a few hours. Even if parts are required, they are able to order them immediately and eliminate the additional wait time.


As software companies resolve issues that make them vulnerable to a cyberattack, they put out updates. Software updates can sit in the background of your computer without noticing them indefinitely. In some cases, the updates are automatically performed, but in many others, they must be done manually. The average employee is unaware that these updates are even available. This makes them vulnerable to hackers who are targeting those weaknesses. While an in-house IT department is responsible for performing all necessary software updates, the updates may be put on the backburner until time permits. Every minute that goes by without updating them puts a company’s data at a higher risk of being hacked.

An outsourced IT helpdesk service can remotely access and perform all software updates as they become available. Their ability to quickly respond can limit the possibility of data being breached, protecing a company from potential liability.


Having a team of IT professionals who know your business is a benefit for many larger companies. They are trained for your specific requirements and are available when needed. However, the expense of hiring, training, benefit packages, and salary for a single qualified candidate can be quite costly. Additionally, the high rate of turnover in the field compounds that financial exposure.

Outsourcing your IT helpdesk services can eliminate a few of those high cost positions and allow you to deal with someone who is already an expert in this particular area.


As we stated above, the costs involved in training an in-house IT employee can be staggering. Moreover, it is a months-long process to get them fully up to speed. This means that the employee is not a useful asset until said time. Couple that with the turnover potential, and that can equate to losing up to six months of production from a single position every single year.

When you hire an outsourced IT helpdesk service, they have already been through the training process and are experienced and ready to go. Outsourcing companies continuously keep their employees educated with regard to updated information and practices. This allows you to not have to worry about time lost in training and turnover, and provides a constant resource to turn to for your helpdesk needs.

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