5 Reasons Phasing Out Traditional Landlines is Good

5 Reasons Why the Phasing Out of Landlines is Good for Business

Traditional landlines will soon be a thing of the past. Some of the largest telecom providers across the USA are phasing out their legacy copper phone line technologies. Many large phone companies are starting to convert to 100% Cloud-Based services and focus more on running the high-end fiber lines to support that solution only. Telecom providers have begun phasing out traditional landlines for on-premise PBX Systems. Is your business prepared for the change to alternative IP cloud-based communications? With technology-based challenges at the forefront of business, we want to ensure you have the resources to know why the transition to VoIP can benefit your business long term.

Here’s Why It’ll Benefit Your Business
Save Money
Save Space
Better Customer Service
Reduce Energy Consumption
In Conclusion

Here’s Why It’ll Benefit Your Business

If you’re not using copper landlines yet, there are several reasons why you should start planning to phase them out. First, copper lines are expensive. They require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and they aren’t very reliable. Second, copper lines are outdated. As more people move away from traditional landlines, they’ll need to switch to new technologies. Third, copper lines are difficult to manage. You need to make sure that everyone in your office has access to a phone line, and that means installing additional wiring throughout your building. Fourth, copper lines are hard to maintain. It takes a lot of work to keep a copper line running smoothly. And finally, copper lines are susceptible to interference. That means you might lose calls when other devices are nearby.

Save Money vs. Traditional Landlines

Time is money, right? Switching to a wireless system will save your company time, which in turn saves you money. Using VoIP, you won’t have to worry about making sure everyone in your office has a phone number. Instead, you can just give everyone an email address and access to an app. This makes it easier to communicate with clients and customers. Plus, you won’t have any wires hanging down from the ceiling, meaning less clutter and mess. Finally, you won’t have a bunch of extra equipment cluttering up your office space.

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Save Space

If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s communications infrastructure, consider replacing your copper landline with a wireless system. A wireless system allows you to use fewer lines than traditional landlines, so you’ll have more room for other things. It also saves you money because you won’t need to pay for expensive wiring.

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Better Customer Service

Customers will appreciate having access to your business 24/7, even when you aren’t there. With a wireless system, customers can call your business at any time, day or night. This means you’ll never miss an opportunity to provide excellent customer service.

With an easy on/off toggle on your phone application, your employees can also turn off phone calls when they are off the clock. This will allow the system to either kick to voicemail (transcribed to your email) or move to the next person on call.

Reduce Energy Consumption vs. Traditional Landlines

If you’re looking for ways to save money, consider replacing traditional copper landline technology with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). A VoIP phone uses less energy than a traditional landline because it’s connected to the internet instead of a telephone line. In addition, VoIP phones are much easier to install than traditional landlines.



Most of us don’t love abrupt change. With the ongoing transition from traditional landline phones to VoIP technology, businesses should prepare for the inevitable. Making the change in advance of a forced change over allows you to transition on your own time. It will also help you to transition your staff by implementing best practices directly related to your operating procedures.


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