A-1 Abstract & Settlement – 2021 Client Testimonial


A-1 Abstract & Settlement – 2021 Client Testimonial

In August of 2021, the team at Ford Office Technologies had the pleasure of meeting with Jenny at A-1 Abstract & Settlement to talk about her experience with our company. Her outlook on copiers and printers has truly turned a corner, follow along as we walk you through the story of our partnership:

Life Before Ford Office Technologies…

A lot of clients are reluctant to work with salespeople because of the often “pushy” or “vague” conversations to get to the final sale. Jenny was no different. Her experience with prior printing and copying companies was a “disaster from day 1”. Their salesperson was fired the day they signed on, the machine they received was not sufficient for their needs and was used, install was done by trainees only, and they had a tough time servicing the machine every time there was a problem (which was frequently).

Knowing the Ford Office Technologies Hermitage team from a previous job, Jenny reached out to us to see what we could do once the contract was up. She wanted someone who was not only out to “sell you the machine” and leave, but someone who was willing to give you an unparalleled experience throughout the entire term of the contract.

“What Made Our Products and Service Stand Out?”

A-1 wanted to work with a local company to ensure all problems are fixed with a quick turn-around. This was a primary concern due to prior hardships waiting for service on a machine.

“In the ‘old days’, copiers and printers were just that… copiers and printers. Now it is a crucial part of our business operation.”

Any amount of downtime causes a delay in operation and potentially a loss of revenue. “Since signing with Ford we have had no problems with any of our machines,” says Jenny. “When a waste container goes out, we learned from the Ford team that there should always be an extra on hand. Previously, when this happened, we called the company and received a ‘sorry about your luck’ response. To try to avoid downtime and as a last resort, we even found ourselves desperately trying to empty it into a trash can and reinstalling it.”

“What Surprised You the Most About Our Business?”

  1. PRICE exceeded expectations
  2. Transparency in both cost and finding the correct machine for OUR specific needs
  3. A “no haggle”, easy process from start to finish
  4. During the sales pitch, no time was wasted. It was straight to the point with “no showboating”

“What Would You Tell Someone Who Was Considering Working with Ford?”

“Don’t hold back. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the new machine, we now pay half of what we used to. John knew what we required and did not suggest features we did not need. If you need John, you can email or call and you are going to get immediate service.”

“We aren’t only happy because what we had before was so bad, but because you are so good at knowing the customer”


Want a customized solution based on your needs? Let the experts at Ford Office Technologies give you a hand at 1-800-633-3673 or by emailing info@fordtech.com

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