The words “disaster recovery” are pertinent to every business. Having a business continuity strategy to ensure the future growth and sustainability of your enterprise is a critical piece of your businesses plan. With Ford Business Machine’s Managed IT Services, we want to be there BEFORE you need disaster recovery assistance, safeguarding you from any possible threat.

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    Why Choose Ford’s Managed IT Services?

    Many of the clients we are representing and that we want to represent and help are our already existing clients that we have serviced in other lines of our business for years with great trust and success. Being able to talk to a trusted friend over issues that you are facing in your personal life is as important as being able to discuss the issues your business faces. Ford is that trusted team, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with you as your business continues to develop, grow, and change. Managed IT Services from Ford Office Technologies Inc. specializes in a proactive remote monitoring approach for all your IT needs, ensuring that we catch critical issues prior to them happening. This will allow you peace of mind, knowing that your systems and data are safe from all outside viruses, malware, hacking attempts, and more. These services also include help desk support, so when you have an issue we are only a phone call away. You can speak to a live expert who can work with you to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently, enabling you to move on to create customer satisfaction for your clientele. Managed IT Services from Ford Office Technologies also enables you to have less down time during your productive hours, as we are remotely monitoring and repairing issues as soon as they happen. This means fewer disruptions to your office staff during the day, allowing them to keep their focus where it is needed – on your clients. These services are provided to you as a singular service, or as a backup to your current IT infrastructure, allowing your current IT staff to focus on more mission-critical projects for your business. We also offer special IT project consultation and services, so that if your business is just beginning, or you are moving to a new location you can be sure that your network is set up correctly and efficiently from the start.

    Supplementing your IT Staff:

    Many businesses like yours have their own internal IT staff, who are trained to meet the needs of your organization specifically based upon your business size and type. These professionals are the people who usually respond first to your business’s support requests. We can help you bridge any of the gaps you may face on a day-to-day basis.

    Ford’s Managed IT Services can help your current staff, allowing them more time to focus on the daily needs of your business by assisting with things like:

    • Password Resets
    • Printer Issues
    • Frozen screens and workstations

    We can help with IT Turnover and Staffing

    • We can bridge the gap from the time that you receive notice from a current staffer, hire a new employee and
    they are up to full speed to support you.
    • We can provide temporary assistance if your IT staff needs to go to training, or is on vacation or an extended
    leave of absence.
    Ford Office Technologies is proud to be opening a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) facility at our corporate location. We look forward to being able to assist you for all of your IT needs.

    Some of the services that we provide are:

    • Helpdesk support
    • Network monitoring
    • Workstation monitoring
    • Server monitoring
    • Virus and anti-malware monitoring
    • Windows updates
    • Password resets for users
    • Print server management
    • File backup and restoration
    • Onsite support for issues such as:
    • Broken hardware, hard drive malfunctions denying remote access.
    • Networking issues – computer won’t connect to the network.
    • Power issues – computer won’t switch on

    Ford’s Managed IT Services can also do special projects for you that are not covered in our normal scope of work such as:

    • Wiring
    • Email Migration
    • Backup/Cloud Storage
    • Professional Services
    • Consultations on storage space, servers, fax servers, and set up of these servers.
    • Ordering, Set Up, And Configuration of Multiple Workstations
    • Server Virtualization
    • Asset Management