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Filing Into the Future: Document Management in the Coming Years

Efficiency is the key to an orderly business.

The days of folders in file cabinets are becoming extinct and office technology is constantly on the move towards greater efficiency and simplicity. Today’s world requires businesses to be on the move and up-to-date on the latest business technology. In the current environment, exceptional document management is essential to keeping your business’s workflow streamlined. Effective digital filing keeps your files safe, secure and organized while allowing you easy access to your files through the power of online storage.

E-commerce and the power of the cloud have rocked the world of document management as people become more and more reliant on computers for their overall business management. The industry is seeing continuous growth in the number of documents produced and stored on a yearly basis. This growth in document volume is weighing down on workers and making their days less productive. The average knowledge worker sinks a significant portion of their day into hunting for information when they deal with less efficient systems. To solve this, document management systems experts are putting in great efforts to make navigating stored documents easier every day.

With the amount of information being saved on the rise, businesses need to understand and embrace the effectiveness of online document management to make their daily workflow more productive. As companies look into the future of document management solutions in the years to come, they’re hoping for better, faster systems that let their employees make the most out of their work hours.

Where We Are and Where We’re Going

So what is document management and what does it currently do for businesses?

Document management, or Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system to store, manage, and organize paper documents and images by scanning them via a document scanner. This creates an organization for them using special software built to function like the most efficient filing cabinet imaginable. By digitizing a company’s documents, document management systems create a secure backup system for important information while making it easy to access anywhere. With document management, there are no endless searches through folders, no wrinkles or rips to ruin the documents, and no risk of losing important papers in the back of a desk drawer. Utilizing document management systems cuts down on costs, clutter, and time wasted on the paper-based organization.

In the past few years, cloud storage has become a hot topic in the current conversation about online document management. Cloud storage allows for document management systems to store cumbersome amounts of data in one space and makes accessing documents through mobile and the web even easier than it was before. Cloud storage and how it will be accessed is becoming a critical issue. As companies build bigger document volumes for a greater number of employees, the need for context-aware systems has become a focus-point of future developments.

Software developers are aiming to create systems that put the right information in front of the right people by making systems more dynamic and intuitive. By making software context-aware, just logging in will give a system all the information it needs to lead workers to the right document destination even faster than they did before. Content will become easier to consume for company employees and the application of cloud-based storage will make organization of documents more agile for users. There will also be additional focus on making authentication for accessing systems more fine-tuned to ensure that the use of the cloud for storage doesn’t create gaps for security issues along the way.

Embracing the Benefits of Document Management

The document management industry is moving at a rapid pace to create the best user experience for companies looking for the best way to organize and oversee their documents. The advancement of technology can be overwhelming to keep up with, but by working with businesses built to help companies of all sizes backfile scan and store their documents and images, document management can be a breeze. By outsourcing online document management to the experts, businesses can save time and money while having ongoing support and guidance.

Ford Office Technologies provides services that optimize document management with Paperless Technologies software. Ford Office Technologies can handle all aspects of a business’s document management needs, providing services from scanning to conversion to document shredding and destruction. By taking on the grunt work of digitizing and storing a business’s documents, we can minimize costs and open up time that can be put towards more valuable work. The power of Paperless Technologies’ streamlined document management software will make it easier and faster for you and your employees to access, organize, manage, locate, and review essential documents throughout the year. Paperless Technologies takes the pain and hassle out of everyday document management! Contact us today and let us guide you to better, more efficient document management systems.

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