Locking Down Your Online Storage: Are Your Online Documents Really Safe?

Cyber security has been a rising concern in the past five years. Major companies have seen incidents of server hacking, information leaks, personal account doxxing and other breaches, which have damaged reputations and left the world consumer base antsy about allowing their personal accounts to be tied to these companies.

These large-scale security breaches are a big problem for small companies. If companies with expensive security systems can be invaded, what about the little guys with less access to high-end security systems? How can they stand up against hackers that can dig into even government websites? Do they know how to keep documents safe online?

Identifying Weak Points and How to Improve Them

With a lot of small businesses still sitting a few years or more behind the grade of current technological advancement, it can be easy to see why they have a high risk of security breaches, especially with online storage. There are a lot of common cloud storage and document sharing resources online that seem simple and fast to use, but many of them have shaky security at best. Without encryption or password protection to safeguard shared files, it’s only a matter of time before documents can be compromised.

All storage hubs for important and sensitive documents should be bolted tight within a system that requires a login with a password. This password should be one that changes on a regular schedule and the password used should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols if possible. All those who access the system should be warned that passwords that include personal details like anniversaries, birthdays, pet names and the like should be avoided. Utilizing password-based document storage is a vital first step to keeping information safe.

Limiting access to folders with important information can help reduce the risk of information being stolen or leaked. With the right document management software, you can restrict access to certain folders to specific users who you trust. Sensitive documents should only be seen by those who need to see them, not by anyone with network access. This is especially important if a company has outside foot traffic coming through the building or campus and a Wi-Fi signal available.

Learn About Encryption and Utilize It To Help Secure Data Stored On Your Computers And Network.

Encrypting data while it is at rest and in storage can protect it from spying eyes and makes access from the outside more difficult. While it only protects data while a user is logged out, it can keep hackers from coming in and accessing that data and potentially encrypting it themselves.

Malware and antivirus protection is essential to keeping hackers out and your documents safe. On a business network with what could be hundreds of people on it accessing websites, emails, and more, safety against invasive and destruction viruses and programs is vital. It’s important to have protective software that has a good reputation and a strong filter. Using a mail server that utilizes its own filter is also helpful to straining out any excess threats that might fall through spam blockers. There are specialized online programs that safely block emails that are out-of-network or not on the email user’s ‘white list’ of email addresses. These programs can altogether help protect individual machines, servers and the local network from losing valuable information to hackers.

Secure Online Documents with Document Management

There are ways to simplify the process of document protection that package all that you need for proper online security into one program. Document management software, available from Paperless Technologies, has the ability to safely store, organize, and monitor documents within a safe system. These document management systems are easy to use and cut down on employee’s time hunting for documents while also ensuring that only authorized eyes are seeing sensitive information. By having your company’s documents stored and sorted in a context-aware system, you have full control over access and plenty of room for document storage without sacrificing any security.

Working with document management systems also gives you access to off-site servers that are housed and protected by the experts. Working locally with a document management software provider unloads a lot of the burden of responsibility off the company and its staff. By working with providers like Ford Office Technologies and Paperless Technologies, you give experts the reins to control and protect your network’s information without adding extra work and worry onto your employees.

Ford Office Technologies is equipped with state-of-the-art, affordable document management systems that are automated and provide reliable server access while being off-site. They can digitize your documents and secure them, saving you money and man hours in the long run. Contact Ford Office Technologies for more information on the many benefits that come with off-site document management through Paperless Technologies today and start your company on a path towards better, safer document management.

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