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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

(MPS) is more than just a maintenance contract for your printers. It’s an entire strategy that not only empowers you with the ability to manage your printer fleet, but also significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of clicking print. Did you know that the cost of printing is one of the last unaudited expenses in many businesses today? Do you know how much money you are spending on your desktop printers? To answer these important questions our solutions follow a 3-step process. Analysis, Rules and Recovery.

managed print services#1 Analysis:

We reduce cost by holding employees and users accountable to every single document that is produced. Studies show that on average, an employee will print 35 pages in a day with 17% of those pages never being used.

We give you a better understanding of your printing environment:

  • Track 100% of the printing your organization does. This includes networked, local and direct to IP devices.
  • Our solution will build inventory lists of every printing device, computer and user.
  • With our volume analysis reporting tool, we can pinpoint who is doing the most printing and what devices are being used. This is how you can see clear equipment abuse and it is a good way to avoid excessive usage on high cost machines.
  • Install on thousands of workstations silently.

managed print solutions


#2 Rules:

Are you looking to cut your print expenses by up to 75%? Our printing rules engine allows you to do just that.

There are unlimited environment and cost saving possibilities:

  • Maintain regulatory compliance and security for your documents.
  • Implement rules set to prevent documents that are confidential from being printed or be alerted when they are printed.
  • Our system informs users before they print of environmental impact as well as the job costs. This creates an eco-conscious environment.
  • Redirect jobs from high cost to low cost devices, ensuring the most efficient device is being used.
  • Limit color usage by computer, number of pages, printer, application, and even user.



managed print#3 Recovery:

We ensure that every printing job is billed for and tracked. If you’re a company that fails to recover your printing costs, you could be losing thousands per month in revenue.
We’re in the business of turning your printing cost center into a profit center:

  • Our solutions recapture the cost of software in as short as 6 weeks.
  • You’ll be able to automate 100% of client’s billing processes.
  • Track every plot or print being produced by asking for a project code, PIN, or matter/client number.
  • Track scanning, faxing and copying with optional Embedded Solutions and Copy Audit.
  • Integration with popular accounting packages is a breeze.
  • Create declining balances based on total pages, job cost, color of pages, or black and white pages. This will encourage economical printing from your users.


Why do companies work with Ford Office Technologies to manage and control costs associated with all print output?

  1. No obligation, no cost print assessment – a comprehensive summary of local and network printing behavior – not just meter reads.
  2. Environmental impact – using less paper saves trees – businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and comply with green initiatives.
  3. Cost reduction – businesses can significantly reduce the cost of clicking print with Ford Managed Print Services.
  4. Ongoing software tools – redirect print volumes to lower cost devices, encourage printing on both sides of the page, reduce unnecessary color printing, bill back clients/departments, automated meter submission, and more.


Since Ford Office Technologies is a Premier Print Audit Dealer, we can provide you with a custom solution to fit your needs. Print Audit’s award winning products include: remote meter reading, remote device management, insight business intelligence dashboards, in depth user and device print assessment, secure printing, follow (pull) printing, rules based printing, print cost accounting and chargeback.

How do you know if your business should take advantage of Ford Managed Print Services? If your company has a printer on every desk, multiple brands and models, or worse yet, no idea how much it costs when someone clicks prints, you’re like many other businesses we help.http://

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