Onboarding with Ford Office Technologies: An Unparalleled Employee Experience

onboarding at Ford Office Technologies

Written by: Julia Gaggiani, Inside Sales Representative

Onboarding with Ford Office Technologies

My experience with hiring and onboarding with Ford Office Technologies has been one of the best I have ever experienced. As I was recently searching for a new career path, my father recommended Ford Office Technologies, as he was friends with John Garlow, and could attest to the large success of the business. After spending some time browsing Ford’s website and social media pages, I knew, one hundred percent, that I wanted to work for the company. I am still in college, so trying to find a company that will consider you for full-time employment can impose quite the challenge. Throughout my application, interview, and training processes at Ford, I was treated with the utmost respect and care. My experience with onboarding at Ford Office Technologies has been like no other because of the time spent making me feel comfortable, the significant attention to detailed training, and the overall care, concern, love, and support exhibited by everyone in the company.

First, Ford Office Technologies’ onboarding process has been the best I have ever experienced because of the extensive time that was taken to make sure I felt comfortable. I have worked in quite a few industries over the course of several years, so I have received different types of trainings from many different approaches. However, all these trainings had one major component they were lacking… time. After a while, I became used to “half-baked” trainings that only touched on the basics. I became used to sitting at a computer, watching tacky training videos for a week, only to be thrown into the fire and expected to thrive. So, naturally, when I arrived to my first day of work at Ford Office Technologies, I expected just the same; but I quickly realized how wrong I was. Ford Office Technologies trained me for four weeks; in today’s working world, that is unheard of. Ford’s trainer, was wonderful to work with during those weeks, as she not only touched on the basics, but also discussed every detail within the basics. My training was very interactive, mainly consisting of one-on-one discussions supplemented by a training book and PowerPoint presentation. I mean, who gets to say that they ENJOY training for a new job? I trained with many people over the course of four weeks: Susan, Brittaney, my inside sales manager, and Heather, our sales support administrator. Even our outside sales representatives were asked to come talk to me, give me advice, and make me feel comfortable. Over the course of four weeks, I was able to learn all the major details that were a part of my job position, as well as participate in hands-on training exercises to supplement what I had learned. I had never felt more ready to sit down at my desk and begin working. I had never experienced such high levels of confidence at the end of an on-boarding process, which I know helped me to find early success in my role. Therefore, Ford Business Machine’s on-boarding process is like no other because of the time that was designated to properly train me.

Second, Ford Business Machine’s on-boarding process is superior to other training programs because of the extreme focus to detail. For example, I was almost completely trained on our digital sales program before even sitting at my desk for the first time. A few weeks into my training and I was already versed on how to create proposals, configure and price machines, talk to customers, and so on. The employee training handbook I received is like gold; it is three-hundred pages of relevant information that I still reference, to this day. I have never received such a detailed handbook, with instructions for every process that I need to know. During my training, I not only learned about my department, but also every other department within the company. I found this to be very beneficial to me, as I was able to learn about the entire business and expand my knowledge into other areas. Over the course of a month, I absorbed more information than I even thought possible. Thus, Ford Office Technologies pays very close attention to detail, which makes the training process extremely worthwhile.

Last, Ford Office Technologies offers a superior onboarding process just by employing the people that the company does. I have not met a single person at Ford that does not treat me with parent-like or sibling-like love and support. Ford Office Technologies is a family-owned business, and it shows. Everyone that joins the team instantly becomes a part of one, large, diverse, yet cohesive, family. During my on-boarding process, I was supported by everyone in the organization; everyone wanted me to succeed and become the best employee I could be. Whether you are happy, sad, stressed, excited, etc., there is always someone there for you. Therefore, Ford Office Technologies’ training program was the best I have experienced because of the kind people that the company employs.

In conclusion, Ford Office Technologies’ on-boarding process was like no other I have experienced because of the substantial time I was given to learn, the highly detailed training and handbook I received, and the love and support I am constantly surrounded with. At Ford, our mission statement is “Helping businesses thrive by delivering cutting-edge office technology, solutions and unparalleled customer experiences,” but the unparalleled experiences do not stop with customers. I am so thankful to say that Ford Office Technologies’ staff is provided, every day, with an unparalleled employee experience.

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