Production Highlight – Canon ImagePRESS C750

The Canon ImagePRESS C750 is a powerhouse production printer that offers best-in-class performance for small-to-medium commercial organizations that need fast, economical printing solutions. It supports a variety of paper sizes and weights while remaining fast enough to reliably provide for the printing needs of entire departments.

The ImagePRESS excels at completing large print orders quickly while making efficient use of consumable resources. It produces breathtaking images of high quality, in industry-leading 2400 DPI definition, and is compatible with a broad range of optional add-ons for additional functionalities.

Canon ImagePRESS C750 Features and Specifications

As a versatile mid-sized business printer, the ImagePRESS C750 comes with all of the features you would expect, and a few useful extras that will save time and generate useful office efficiencies:

  • Fast Print Speed. The C750 can print up to 75 letter pages per minute, both in color and in monochrome.Product Highlight – Canon ImagePRESS C750
  • Duplex Sheet Printing. You can accessorize your C750 to print duplex sheets of up to 30 inches in length.
  • In-Line Finishing. Multifunction punching and booklet trimming comes standard, and both offer continuous run capability.
  • PRISMAsync Color Print Server V5. Canon’s state of the art print server produces realistic print previews, allows for flexible color correction, and enables digital adjustment directly from the device’s interface.
  • Gloss Optimization. This device can automatically match the toner image’s gloss level to the paper’s gloss level, producing an offset-like result.
  • Advanced Image Transfer Belt. If you regularly need to print on textured surfaces, this feature will ensure consistent results every time.

In addition, Canon designed the printer’s standard option specifications to meet the needs of busy office spaces. The standard ImagePRESS C750 configuration features a 1,650-sheet maximum CANON imagePRESS C850/C750 Production Printer, imagePRESS C65, Imagepress C65, C750, C850, C100000VP/C8000VP, VarioPrint I-seriesinput capacity, and this can be upgraded to 7,650 sheets for high-volume work environments.

The device supports paper sizes of between 5.5 x 7.2 inches to 13 x 19.2 inches, making it one of the most versatile printers in its range. It accommodates paper weights of between 52 gsm and 300 gsm, with additional support for heavier stock available through optional add-ons.

It supports envelope printing, from the generic #10 Business size to 6 x 9-inch envelopes and the extra-large 10 x 13-inch envelopes often used to house professional photographs.

Additional Functionalities

The Canon ImagePRESS C750 is not just a standard-setting business printer. Its scanning and document finishing capabilities make it a one-stop productivity workstation for the entire office. It features duplex color image scanning at 600 DPI, with 256 color gradations.

For document processing tasks that require extra functionality, the C750’s range of finishing accessories cover everything a mid-sized office may need.

  • Multifunction Professional Puncher. Reliably punch holes in papers of between 75 and 300 gsm in a variety of formats, from loose leaf 3-hole punches to 32-hole color coil punching. This finishing module supports paper dimensions of up to 12 x 18 inches.
  • High-Capacity Stacker. This module’s offset stack capacity is over 6,000 sheets, while its top tray capacity is 200 sheets. It supports the full spectrum of paper stock weights and sizes, from 7.2 square inches to 13 x 19.2 inches.
  • Staple and Booklet Finishers. The Canon ImagePRESS C750 is compatible with two different types of staple finishers – the W1 and T1 staple finishers. The W1 can staple up to 100 sheets at a time, and supports the full range of paper sizes and dimensions, while the T1 can staple 50 sheets at a time and supports heavier paper stocks.
  • Perfect Binder. Bind your documents while giving them a three-side or single-side cut and trim document tops and sides by up to 1.56 inches.
  • Booklet Trimmer. Front edge margin trimming is simple and scalable with this high-performance booklet trimmer. It supports trim thickness of up to 50 sheets. An optional two-knife booklet trimmer can trim both document tops and bottoms, taking anywhere from 0.08 to 0.59 inches off each page.

Streamline Your Print Workflow

Canon’s PrismaSYNC technology allows for remote management of C750 ImagePRESS print orders. This lets you manage queues, submit jobs, and monitor print orders from the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.

The device supports configurable workflows through its intuitive user interface, letting authorized users develop efficient solutions to production bottlenecks – such as by separately scheduling jobs that would otherwise conflict.

With Fiery’s ImagePRESS Server H300, you can enjoy direct printing from iOS devices and get enjoy the company’s Spot-On color matching utility. This can save enormous amounts of time otherwise spent looking up CMYK values.

If you need reliable, high-capacity production run printing on a platform that is as affordable as it is scalable, entrust your printing needs to the Canon ImagePRESS C750.

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