Selecting a Copier Service Company: 6 Considerations

Best Copier Service Company


Selecting the Best Copier Service Company: Top 6 Considerations

When selecting any copier service company to enter into a contract with, there are a few key factors to consider. In the end, your business reputation can be at stake if you make the wrong decision. For example, if a copier goes down during a huge proposal submission deadline for a new business, your team could lose out on the bid. In this article, we have compiled a list of the Top 6 considerations to reference when choosing a copier service company. As a result of keeping these considerations in mind, your business may avoid preventable high-stakes fumbles and low-risk annoyances.

Pricing and Inclusions
Equipment Expertise
After-Sale Support
Reviews/Word of Mouth
Local Infrastructure

1. Communication is Key

From the first inquiry to the end of a contract, great communication is essential. What is the typical wait time between a service call and the problem being addressed? The average response time for a service call should be 4 hours between initial inquiry and the service technician being on-site. During your installation appointment, you should make sure that this is understood.

Great Questions to Ask During an Initial Sales Appointment:

  • What is your average response time?
  • Who will be our direct point of contact if we need something?
  • How much downtime is considered “reasonable” for a copier?
  • Can spare parts be ordered or are they kept on hand? If we have to wait for an order, what is the typical turn-time?

2. Pricing and Inclusions

There may be a set budget that you have in mind when going into a copier contract negotiation. If so, it is imperative to communicate that with your sales representative upfront. Whether fluid or hard-set, your budget should be important to any great salesperson. By asking this question upfront, it can eliminate over-budget equipment suggestions and save time in the sales process. With a flexible budget, there may be more room for add-ons like finishers or ongoing service options. The buyers’ checklist below is a great resource for determining what features are necessary for your office space.

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3. Equipment Expertise

Internally, companies put a high value on their employees. So, why are many of them not holding external partners to the same standard? A great service technician is a tell-tale sign of a great company to partner with. You can set expectations from the first meeting by asking a few simple questions.

  • What are the methods you use to measure service within your team?
  • How often do technicians go through updated training?
  • What is the average experience of the technicians on your team?

By asking these simple questions, it should be easier to decide which of the quoting companies will be the best fit for you in a long-term partnership. Most copier service contracts average 5 years, for example.

Best Copier Service Company

4. After-Sale Support

As discussed earlier, maintaining a direct point of contact after installation can be the difference between a great experience and a terrible one. Has someone ever sold you something and then pushed you to the side instantly afterward? If so, you are not alone. It is essential to address questions and concerns even after the initial sale, to ensure frustrations are minimized and how-to resources can be provided as products and systems change.

Evaluating support at the end of a contract is every bit as important, if not more important, than ensuring support is high-level from the beginning. When it is time for a new contract, one of the top evaluation criteria should be the level of support during the duration of the current contract. Was it easy to contact your sales representative? Were the service calls timely and technicians friendly? Did the team explain the equipment operation in an easy-to-understand way? Identifying the strengths and areas of improvement of your current provider can assist in making the most informed decision moving forward. If you are unhappy with your after-sale support, it is best to be upfront and discuss these areas for improvement with your sales representative.

5. Reviews/Word of Mouth

In this day and age, digital reviews are more prevalent than ever. Unfortunately, fake reviews can skew the reliability of reviews on sites such as Google and Yelp. Between fake review generators, disgruntled employees, and current employee obligatory reviews, it can be hard to separate the real from the fake. For a non-biased statistic on a copier company specifically, ask a representative from that company for the NPS (Net Promotor Score). A Net Promotor Score measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This tool is secure, unalterable, and great for both customers and businesses alike. It allows customers to leave honest feedback about their buying process and gives businesses the tools they need to improve.

Another way to verify if a company is reputable is to ask your colleagues or friends who have previously experienced their services. By asking within your network instead of directly asking the sales representative for references, you can create a non-biased perception of the brand.

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6. Local Infrastructure for Timely Service

It is a common misconception that manufacturers are the best copier and printer providers because they develop the products themselves. Every piece of equipment at some point requires service and support.  The goal of any business is to have as little downtime as necessary to maximize its efficiency and revenue potential.  Independent providers have an infrastructure that can be set up to better service their equipment quickly and effectively. With a local team in place, service is typically quicker and more personalized. This creates a better overall experience for your company with minimal downtime if properly managed.

It is imperative to have numerous factors in mind when choosing between copier and printer companies. Maintaining an open line of communication with your sales representatives will give your team the best opportunity to choose a company that can meet your office equipment requirements.


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