Shredding And Document Destruction

While it’s important for companies and organizations to have an effective plan for organizing and managing their documents while in-use, it’s just as critical to give consideration as to how records are disposed of and destroyed.  Integrating document destruction and shredding processes as the final piece to the document management puzzle is one of the best ways businesses can ensure sensitive or proprietary information remains protected throughout the entirety of its life-cycle.

With the costly fines and liabilities associated with data breaches as additional considerations to keep in mind, it’s more important than ever for business owners to emphasize proper document destruction. By taking the preventative steps to ensure discarded documents are properly destroyed once they’re no longer needed, companies can feel more assured their sensitive information won’t jeopardize their business.

At Ford Office Technologies, we partner with a document shredding service to help companies integrate effective document destruction plans into their document management solution to maintain an efficient workflow for records and keep confidential information secure.

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