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streamline processes improve workflow

Streamline processes to improve workflow. What does that even mean? Every day, businesses are faced with a multitude of processes. If they are not streamlined they can interrupt the daily workflow and cause inefficiencies that cost the company time and money.  For example, pulling a physical client file from a cabinet that is misplaced or misfiled can lead to hours of searching and panic. Or how about an employee who completes a task that someone else had already done because there was no way to share file updates. These are just a few examples of how a lack of streamlined processes and office technology solutions can cause your business to operate inefficiently and financially inadequately.  Imagine how much more could be accomplished in a day if the entire team were able to easily share information, access data, and communicate efficiently.

Below are solutions that can be put into place quickly and cost effectively that will result in a simplification of the day-to-day workflow.  If properly utilized, they can work together to make office inefficiency a thing of the past.



By eliminating paper-based filing and tracking, you will reduce your storage space and provide fast, company-wide retrieval of your files, allowing for easy integration, coordination and organization. You will also have the ability to facilitate collaboration between teams and easily communicate recent activity, keeping everyone updated regarding the current status. All records are maintained and searchable by name, file number or keyword for ease of access.



When you utilize your document management software system in conjunction with your copier or printer’s scan to email function, you are able to easily transfer newly received paper documents into your existing digital files, keeping the file current and everyone up to date on its status.  The software also provides the ability to edit the scanned documents to make any required changes or edits, and turns a paper-based, destructible document into an easily backed-up, digital file.



Newer multi-function copiers contain hard drives that store information transferred to and from your network.  While you should be utilizing features such as scan to email to help streamline your processes, if you are not taking the necessary steps to secure your information, such as data encryption, user authentication, and password protection, you put your entire network at risk for data breaches and hacking.  A breach of sensitive information could set you back thousands of dollars in fines, but more importantly, could cost you your reputation and future business.



By utilizing a phone system that is integrated with the internet, you have the ability to capture data that can work in conjunction with many commercial CRM software systems. This capability provides an improved customer experience by providing access to their current information, the ability to analyze and improve key metrics such as average hold times, first-call resolution rates, and abandoned call minimization, as well as call recording and playback from the CRM system.  VoIP also provides the capacity to easily obtain updated customer information, allowing for a more thorough follow-up process.


Odds are very good that you already have some of these streamline processes in place, but perhaps you just aren’t connecting the dots properly or are missing one or more of the key components to maximize their potential.  When you speak with an expert at Ford Office Technologies, they will be able to analyze your current situation and offer advice on how to utilize your technology to streamline processes and improve workflow. Contact us today to set up your complimentary assessment.

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