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    How do I find my meter reading?

    Depending on what brand of machine you have, there are different steps to finding your meter reading. Please see the instructions below for obtaining a meter reading.


    1. CANON: Press the counter check key or the 123 key on the mainframe above the start key. You will then supply us with 109 total (black), and 124 total (full color).

    2. KONICA MINOLTA: Press the utility/counter key on the upper left side of the machine, or the utility key on the bottom right side of touch screen. Select meter counter or counter in the top left corner. If you have a model with a new touch screen, you will need to select menu first, then follow the steps above.

    3. LANIER: Press the user tools/counter key on the mainframe. You will then want to select the counter or 123 key. You will then provide us with the B&W total and color total. If you have a machine with a new touchscreen, you will swipe your screen multiple times to the left or right until you see the user tools icon, then provide us with the B&W total and color total.