When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Copier?


While a little maintenance along the way, most copiers can be counted on to last for quite a few years. But they’re not meant to last forever. Your old copier may still be technically working, but an inefficient device could be costing you more than you think. To give you a better idea of when it may be time to make the switch, let’s take a look at a few signs that you should upgrade your copier:

1. It Requires Constant Maintenance

If you’re making monthly service calls to your print service company, that’s a good sign it’s time for an upgrade. It’s important to realize that your copier has just as many parts as most cars. Over time, these parts begin to wear down.

And while you can get away with replacing parts and performing maintenance for a few months or possibly years, the financial cost and reduction in productivity when your copier is down are not worth it. If you’re in this situation, your best bet is to ask your service provider what they would recommend.

After all, they’ve likely dealt with this situation hundreds of times with other customers.

2. The Expected Functionality is Beyond Your Copier’s Capabilities

As the technology used by you and your staff expands, so too does your expectations for what the devices within your office can do. Most modern-day copiers offer increased functionality by enabling users to do things like copy scanned documents from mobile devices and print from anywhere.

If the bulk of your staff has become accustomed to using mobile devices and other modern technologies to maximize production, it’s a sign that it’s probably time to upgrade to a copier that can provide the expected functionality.

In this instance, it’s a good idea to ask your service provider what type of improved functionality and technology an upgrade can provide.

3. Your Energy and Printing Costs Are Consistently Increasing

As your copier ages, it starts to work harder to function. When this happens, it requires more energy to maintain efficiency. In addition, you’ll often find that you’ll need to replace your toner more often than usual.

The result, as would be expected, is an increase in energy and toner costs. While it’s always good practice to keep an eye on energy and printer costs, it becomes even more important as your copier ages. If you’re finding that these costs are increasing month-to-month, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with a print service provider to see how an upgrade can decrease these costs. Most modern-day copiers are made to be as energy-efficient as possible, so an upgrade can often provide short and long-term savings.

4. The Quality of Copied Documents is Becoming an Issue

While this may seem obvious, many copier owners write off a decrease in document quality as there being something wrong with the toner or as an issue with the document being copied.

However, it’s often the copier itself that’s causing the problem. An upgrade can ensure that document quality is consistently meeting your expectations. In most cases, you’ll also notice a quality increase over when your now older copier was working at full strength.

5. Security is Lacking

Even though it’s not often talked about, it’s important to realize that copiers are susceptible to cyber attacks.

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, the threat to offices using older, unsecured copiers have increased. Most upgrades will include advanced password protection, encrypted hard drives, and other forms of security to ensure safe copying.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to talk to a service provider about the current security-based features of your copier and see if an upgrade can lead to more protection.

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it’s in your best interest to look into the possibility of an upgrade. Talk to your service provider and find out more about whether or not an upgrade is necessary at this time.

Contact a specialist at Ford Office Technologies to find out if it’s time for an upgrade!

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