Tier II Network Engineer

Job Type: Full Time


Ford Office Technologies is currently searching for a Tier II Network Engineer. As the Network Engineer, you will be instrumental in implementing and maintaining the firm’s network infrastructure. You will be configuring hardware, ensuring security protocols, troubleshooting, and optimizing network performance. Collaboration with IT teams for integration, innovation, and thorough documentation of configurations is crucial. Staying updated on emerging technologies is imperative. The role includes incident response to swiftly address and mitigate disruptions, contributing to overall technological advancement and operational excellence.

· Configure and install a diverse range of network devices and services, encompassing routers, switches, firewalls, SD-WAN, VPN, QoS, and NAC.

· Execute network maintenance and conduct system upgrades, including the application of patches and the configuration of security settings.

· Monitor network performance rigorously to guarantee continuous system availability and reliability.

· Keep a close eye on system resource utilization, identify trends, and engage in capacity planning.

· Adhere to established configuration and change management policies, ensuring the successful implementation of modifications to the network infrastructure.

· Collaborate with the security team to choose and implement security tools, policies, and procedures.

· Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of network configurations, changes, and troubleshooting procedures for future reference and knowledge sharing.

· Interact with network equipment vendors, evaluate new products and technologies, and manage relationships to stay informed about updates, patches, and support options.

· Collaborate closely with other IT teams, including system administrators and security professionals, to seamlessly integrate network components into the overall IT infrastructure and ensure smooth operations.

· Respond promptly to network incidents, assess their impact, and implement corrective measures to restore service and prevent recurrence.

· Regularly apply software and firmware updates to network devices to address security vulnerabilities and ensure system stability.

· Enforce network policies, encompassing access control lists, security policies, and acceptable use policies, to maintain a secure and compliant network environment.


· 1-3 years of network IT.

· Familiarity with configuration testing, validation methodologies, and effective troubleshooting.

· Understanding of change management principles, minimizing disruptions during network changes.

· Capability to assess and mitigate risks, with attention to accuracy and potential issues.

· Proficiency in network security principles, secure configurations, and awareness of associated risks.

· Experience with monitoring tools for issue identification and performance measurement.

· Comprehensive understanding of networking protocols, OSI/TCP/IP model, and network systems.

· Ability to analyze, evaluate, implement, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi and security infrastructure.

· Strong time management, multitasking, and excellent communication skills.

· Proven hands-on network engineering experience.

· Preferably experience with Palo Alto, Cisco, FortiGate

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