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Eliminate the Need for Unnecessary Storage Space by Going Paperless

Document management systems have matured from a basic archival and retrieval system to a complete information management solution.

Why FORD Document Management ?

Document management is a way to easily manage your paper files electronically and create more office space as well as saving time instead of spending precious minutes trying to find that paper document. Our document management services provide everything you need to convert paper documents to a manageable and secure digital process. From scanning to destruction, we handle the entire process resulting in an organized, easy to find software solution customized for your needs.

Having an effective electronic document management system (EDMS) not only enables access, editing, and distribution of documents into one place, but it helps companies centralize operations and streamline processes. Additionally, it helps those dealing with confidential information properly manage their records to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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Document Imaging

Document imaging provides access to your information when you need it, either on your network or via the internet, with our eletronic document management software (EDMS). We can scan and index day-to-day documents, large and wide format documents, and microfilm, resulting in easily accessible and digitized files. 

Software Solutions

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a document management software solution that delivers the ability to store, manage, and track all electronic content (images, email, Microsoft Office, etc.).  Share, process, update and manage your information with far greater efficiency than paper-based processes, and establish task-based workflows that automatically take a process from scanning to completion. This provides your company with a fully transparent, accountable, and productive work environment. 

Shredding & Document Destruction

While it’s important for companies and organizations to have an effective plan for organizing and managing their documents while in-use, it’s just as critical to give consideration as to how records are disposed of and destroyed. The integration of document destruction and shredding processes as the final piece to the document management puzzle is one of the best ways businesses can ensure sensitive or proprietary information remains protected throughout the entirety of its life-cycle.

Every business needs a safe, compliant and affordable method of storing, retrieving and managing its hard copy from inception through destruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Document management systems have matured from a basic archival and retrieval system to a complete information management solution. With technological advances, we have available to us the tools to properly manage paper documents and electronic files. You can store and index voice recordings, faxes, videos, pictures, drawings, computer output, and many other types of paper and electronic files. Workflow is now handled electronically rather than manually. Information can also be extracted from word processing software to populated fields in databases. You can store, catalog, and redistribute information via fax, email, internet or print it to paper or CD to share with one individual or the masses at a fraction of the cost.

Document management helps companies be more efficient with time, which will save money. Document management systems can: 1. capture, index, retrieve, edit, annotate and distribute paper, electronic documents and images 2. link other software to your document management system for a customized solution 3. distribute large amounts of information in a wide range of formats Document management is a way to easily manage your paper files electronically and create more office space as well as saving time instead of spending precious minutes trying to find that paper document. Paper documents are scanned in and made into an image file and filed electronically onto a computer storage hardware. You can easily retrieve, annotate, index and archive these files.
Your documents are captured via scanning or electronic transfer.
By entering the index data or by doing a query based upon how you have the items indexed.
Yes. You can send these documents via email, fax, print, or share via internet/intranet access.
Optical character recognition is a technology where typed or printed documents can be scanned as an electronic image. The characters can be recognized from the image and translated into a text format.
When a document management system is initially implemented, there is usually a lot of existing documents and information. The scanning of these old documents or converting of data from one format to a format accepted by the new document management system so they can be stored and retrieved electronically is called backfile conversion.

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