Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services are more than just a maintenance contract for your printers.

Managed Print Services otherwise known as MPS is an entire strategy that not only empowers you with the ability to manage your printer fleet, but also significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of clicking print.

Businesses can significantly reduce the cost of clicking print with Ford Managed Print Services.

Why FORD Managed Print Services (MPS) ?

Ford Office Technologies helps businesses establish a mix of the right devices to deliver the documents employees and customers need in a controlled environment. These measures eliminate wasteful, unnecessary, and expensive print output, which ultimately increases your bottom line. In addition, you can refocus your IT department on the areas that will ultimately provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Printing Cost Reduction

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Digital Solution

Process how MPS Reduces Costs

Ford Office Technologies helps businesses to manage and control costs associated with all print output.

#1 Analysis

We reduce cost by holding employees and users accountable to every single document that is produced. Studies show that on average, an employee will print 35 pages in a day. 17% of those pages are never even used.

#2 Rules

Are you looking to cut your print expenses by up to 75%? Our printing rules engine allows you to do just that. There are unlimited environment and cost saving possibilities.

#3 Recovery

Are you looking to cut your print expenses by up to 75%? Our printing rules engine allows you to do just that. There are unlimited environment and cost saving possibilities.

Office Printers & Business Copiers

Office technology is ever evolving. Meeting our clients' technology needs by providing state-of-the-art office equipment is our focus. We help ensure this by doing an assessment of  your current print environment. We then propose a solution that will grow with you as your business needs continue to evolve. This relationship building process allows us to make sure that we are always providing the solutions that are best for your business. And our ability to deliver a three quote bid from the industry's top manufacturers provides a one-stop-shop for your business processes.We are dedicated  to your success and know that your trust and loyalty is imperative to ours. 

Production Printers

A common misconception when people hear "production printer" is that it belongs in a print shop or copy center. However, in-house production print is an increasingly growing option for corporate marketing departments. With a variety of features (fold, staple, booklet maker, banners, edge cutter, and more) that can be individually selected, you can save money by printing your marketing materials, brochures, employee training manuals, business cards, envelopes, and more right from your office. A lease or financing option can make production printers a very cost effective option. And by bringing your production print in-house, you will eliminate the majority of your outsourced print needs and expense.

Specialty Printers

Offering wide format printers, banner making devices, 3-D printers and digital duplication machines allows Ford Office Technologies to provide our customers with leading industry solutions for printing that is "outside the box." We can provide virtually any industry (i.e. architects, engineers, health care, education, etc.) the print equipment they need to provide quality print products to their customers and clients. 

Using less paper saves trees. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and comply with green initiatives.

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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