Are these pain points impacting your bottom line?

Whether you are in the business of printing or outsourcing your printing needs, there are many things you need to look at that could be cutting into your bottom line. Whether it's analyzing your outsourcing expenses versus bringing your production print in-house or reevaluating your cost-per-click agreement, a full analysis of your current print environment could save you thousands of dollars a year.  

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If you regularly outsource your print needs, then a cost per click maintenance agreement is a justifiable alternative. With a cost per click maintenance agreement, you're only paying for the copies that you print. This also provides you with a print on demand environment with the ability to make changes at a moment's notice. These benefits equate to little to no waste and more money to your bottom line. 
If you are in the printing industry, you need to reevaluate your cost per click maintenance agreement. Is your rate justifiable or is the cost for every printed page cutting into your profit margin on a competitively priced print job? Do you know if you are being charged 2 clicks for every 11X17 you print?
Don't wait any longer while your margins slip away. Contact us today for a free analysis of your current agreement and discover if there are pennies of profit you can be adding to each and every printed page.


The cost of human labor can take a huge toll on profit margins. But what if the machine itself had the technology to automate many of the manual processes required to complete a print job?
Konica Minolta's IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer takes the manual processes out of the equation by providing a highly automated image registration and color control, a closed-loop system that constantly monitors and adjusts printed output, and automated color calibration and profiling.
JobFlow is a tool that automates the most mundane and tedious tasks to eliminate the repetition of doing them over and over again, reduces the average clicks required to submit a job from 15 to 1, reduces human error in job setup, creates workflows based on specific needs, and uses presets to further automate your operation.


Aligning with the right vendor means the ability to utilize resources you may not currently have access to. These resources can improve your level of customer service and create an experience that will build long-term loyalty.


PageDNA is a web-based digital storefront solution, coupled with job management and reporting tools that will increase sales, decrease operational costs, and lead to more profit for your print sales organization.
Is your paper source cutting into your bottom line for average quality paper at best? Superior paper quality coupled with in-line cost is a key factor in achieving a profitable margin. Inferior quality could result in a full refund, but overpaying in general nets the same result. Re-evaluate your paper options and sources to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck.


If you are in the print industry, one of the biggest culprits cutting into your profits is excess down time. The bottom line is - if you're not able to print, you won't make a mint. Cheesy? Yes. True? Absolutely.


The primary cause of down time is a poor service response time. Your livelihood is dependent upon your equipment being operational and if your vendor partner does not function with the same mindset, they are costing you valuable dollars.

Ford Office Technologies' service response time is among the fastest in the industry, with a first call resolution rate that blows the competition away. We understand your challenges and truly see you as a partner whose success depends on us. We are in this together!


Whether you are printing in-house or are in the printing business, if you lack the equipment to produce certain finishes or products, outsourcing those print jobs is currently your only option. This outcome results in a reduction to your profit margin.
While you may not be in a situation to purchase equipment that would allow the in-house production of all specialty jobs, there are a few cost-effective options available that would increase your capabilities and margins, and provide a significant ROI.


The AccurioShine 101 delivers embellishments that will make printed pieces more eye-grabbing and undeniably effective. This high-quality foil on toner technology also provides lamination, spot gloss, and dry coat capabilities for an incredibly affordable and versatile investment.


The AccurioLabel 190 GM label press offers best in class graphic output, easy color management and operator friendly interaction. It is designed to be the first step into the digital label business for commercial printers looking to expand into new markets and could quite possibly be the one investment that differentiates you from the competition.

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Konica Minolta Accurio Press

As a graphics professional, or marketing agency, your client looks to you to get their vision to market. Konica Minolta’s new AccurioPress production printer helps you do that and more, setting new standards for superior performance and unsurpassed value. We’ve built this series with one goal in mind: increase your output while reducing your costs. And we’ve done it by combining digital color quality that rivals offset prints with advanced workflow and color management tools that fine-tune accuracy and keep your costs down. Posters, mailers, large signs and more. The capabilities are endless and extensions to all machines can be customized and made to order.

The versatile AccurioPress C4080 digital press is an all-in-one print manufacturing powerhouse providing features to streamline workflow and print output that will exceed customer expectations. Advanced real-time automation of color and registration management combined with sophisticated inline finishing options allows your business to excel at delivering a variety of print applications. With the TU-510 Trimmer Unit and IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer, this digital press can output fully-finished, ready to be boxed output. At 80 ppm, the digital press offers the flexibility of 2-sided printing sheets up to 34" long with outstanding image quality. It is much more than a digital press – it is an opportunity to grow your business.

Some of the key features of this printer are:

  • Inline trimming unit for advanced automation
  • Up to 360 gsm Media Flexibility
  • Amazing image quality - 3600 (equivalent) x 2400
  • Speeds up to 70 ppm
  • Duplex printing on media weights up to 350 gsm
  • Media sizes up to 13" x 19"
  • Banner printing up to 47"
  • Color consistency

  • Automated Closed-loop quality management system
  • Choice of print controllers including Konica Minolta, Fiery and Creo
  • Powerful finishing
  • Single-pass duplex scanning at 240 images per minute
  • Duty cycle: 750,000

Canon imagePRESS C910

The imagePRESS C910 series is a true, mid-volume production, color digital press that incorporates advanced technologies that can help print establishments achieve amazing results – all in a small footprint. Incorporated into the color digital press is Canon’s passion and unique understanding of imaging, photography, color science, and workflow. This expertise has resulted with an high-quality digital press that is both productive and versatile for printing establishments of varying shapes and sizes.

The synergy of the intuitive UI and easy to operate press can help your entry level and most experienced operators produce brilliant output, on a wide range of medias, while helping to shorten turnaround times on your most simple and complex jobs.

This color digital press is engineered to help you meet the challenging demands and tight deadlines of your daily workload while helping you to expand your offerings that can make an impact - all without having to make a significant investment.

Some of the key features of this printer are:


    • 90 ipm
    • Maintains rated speed on uncoated stocks up to 80 lb. Cover
    • Wide array of productive and versatile in-line accessories


    • 2400x2400 dpi
    • Intuitive calibration process that uses internal sensors to measure test patches
    • Translucent CV toner


    • 130lb Cover

Achieves highly accurate and consistent registration even on large and heavy stocks.


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