Johnathan Garlow


Pittsburgh, PA


Johnathan is the CEO of Ford Office Technologies, a technology solutions company founded with a customer-centric focus. Since joining forces with his father and company founder in 2010, Johnathan has put his efforts into evolving the company’s technology solutions. Being a Board Member of the Copier Dealers Association allows him to stay up-to-date on best practices and innovative strategies that keep Ford at the forefront of the industry. Johnathan believes that his Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State has enhanced his natural ability to turn theoretical concepts into real-world applications, which is a critical component of the technology industry. His forward-thinking concepts have led to Ford’s expansion throughout western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, with future goals of expansion into eastern Ohio.

Johnathan and his wife, Kelli, love the outdoors and beauty of the Laurel Highlands area. He is passionate about supporting his local community and believes that its success, both economically and socially, is driven by the philanthropic involvement of community business leaders. As an Eagle Scout and member of the Westmoreland Fayette Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Rotary Club, YMCA Board, Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, Challenge Program Board, and Redevelopment Authority of Fayette County, Johnathan plays a very active role in supporting the area’s youth, as well as business development, in the hopes of providing future employment opportunities for the local workforce for generations to come. In 2015, Johnathan was honored to receive the Herman Buck Award for volunteerism and services rendered outside of the profession.