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In 2020 Ford Office Technologies is putting a twist on our Tuesday #spotlight series. We will continue to feature our incredible employees, but we also believe that our clients have a compelling story to tell.  So, once a month we will do a client spotlight feature, because they are the heartbeat of our community.

Our first feature is an absolute inspiration. Familylinks is a western Pennsylvania non-profit that assists anyone and everyone in need with services such as behavioral health, youth and family services, service coordination and senior services. Familylinks employs approximately 375 and serves approximately 10,000 individuals annually. The assistance they offer families ranges from recovery from substance abuse to support for children with behavioral issues and services to maintain independence for the elderly to shelter for homeless youth.  Their vision is inspirational – “By believing in the worth of those served, Familylinks assures that all children, families and seniors in western Pennsylvania have the tools they need to be healthy, happy and strong for life.” – but the stories of how that vision is put into action are truly admirable.

One particular success story that they shared with us is the story of Tyler, an at-risk youth who found himself homeless. Tyler found the Downtown Pittsburgh Outreach Center & Shelter where he was provided shelter, food, and access to physical and mental health services. Due to the broad reach of their services, Familylinks was able to help Tyler help himself by also providing assistance to finish his degree, gain employment and eventually find long-term independent housing. Tyler’s grateful father has said that “It’s not an exaggeration to say that Familylinks saved my son’s life.” Tyler’s story is just one of many of the life-changing impacts that Familylinks has made on individual lives.

Thank you for all you do.

For more information on Familylinks services, visit

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