What Is A Managed Services Provider?

Managed Services Provider

If you hear the term managed services provider and your only reaction is a blank stare that would leave a hypnotist jealous, then we are here to help.

This video will explain exactly what a managed services provider is and break down the various solutions offered by many providers.

As most people do know, information technology impacts every area of our daily lives, both at work and in our day-to-day personal lives. From computers to mobile devices, all businesses have integrated some form of IT into their operations. As a result, an IT expert should be involved to make sure that your data is protected, and your client’s information is secure.

There are many aspects to maintaining your environment that require many areas of expertise. Security, help desk tasks, networks, and system infrastructure, are just a few. Many small to medium-sized businesses are not large enough to have their own IT department, let alone an expert to handle all aspects of their IT requirements. Some businesses are large enough to have an IT “individual” or “staff”, but require additional IT support. This is where the managed services provider comes in. They provide the IT support a company needs at whatever level they need it. And because they have multiple individuals with various levels of expertise, you never have to worry about training, downtime, sick days, vacation days, or turnover.

In a nutshell, a managed services provider is an efficient way of handling all of your IT needs without having to hire and manage the staffing requirements and costs associated with it.

For a broader explanation of what managed services providers are and what they do, read Managed IT Services – What Are They?


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