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Best Companies for Managed IT Services in Pittsburgh, PA (Ratings/Reviews)

Top Managed IT Companies in Pittsburgh

Best Companies for Managed IT Services in Pittsburgh, PA (Ratings/Reviews)

In the 30 years that Ford Office Technologies has been in business, we have met with countless businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Region to discuss their managed service needs. Many times, we come into the meeting and the customer is well-equipped with information about our company and what we can offer, whether it be through conversations we have had with them prior to the meeting or from our website. Naturally, they have already done their research on our company so, we often get the question “Who are some of the other managed IT companies in the area?”

Let’s dig right in. At Ford Office Technologies, we want our customers to be as informed as possible and are not ones to shy away from answering those pressing questions. In this article, we discuss a few of the top companies for managed IT services in the Pittsburgh region based on our insider experience in the industry.


1. Advanticom

Advanticom serves as a managed service provider (MSP) for small to large-scale enterprises in the Western Pennsylvania region. Their office is located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.


2. DBB (Doing Better Business)

Doing Better Business has locations throughout Pennsylvania with one location in both Maryland and Ohio.

DBB partners with Ricoh, HP, Sharp, Content Central, Docuware, and Laserfiche for cybersecurity in all of their business solutions.


3. Amcom (Xerox IT Services)

Amcom works with Xerox, a global provider of technology solutions and services. Xerox offers a wide range of products and services, that range from Managed IT services to cloud migrations and critical information security management. Their Pittsburgh area office is located in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.


To help you find managed IT services quotes in Pittsburgh, PA, here are three sources to consider.

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