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Offering wide format machines, banner making devices, 3-D printers and digital duplication devices allows Ford Office Technologies, to provide their customers with leading industry solutions for printing that is “outside the box.”

Lanier Wide Format MachinesThe DD 6650P Digital Duplicator by Ricoh is a high quality, high volume digital duplicator solution with unrivaled productivity and superior image quality

A printing powerhouse, the DD 6650P offers fast throughput, paper handling up to 11 x 17, spot color, PC and optional MAC connectivity, quiet operation and many time and money saving features, including a black drum that comes standard with the model. With offset-like image quality, the DD 6650P raises the bar with a unique combination of long-life master material, fast drying ink and Auto Print Pressure Control. These elements translate into optimal reproduction of any document.

We recommend the DD 6650P to organizations that:Lanier DD650P Digital Duplicator

  • Require low cost output
  • Use a broad range of material types, sizes and weights
  • Utilize spot color printing
  • Share concern for extending the life of existing digital copiers/MFP



Key Applications

Lanier Wide Format MachinesMP W8140 Wide Format Machines

With the Lanier MP W8140, you have a versatile, affordable MFP only a few feet from your desk where you can produce wide-format technical drawings, schematics, presentations and more for a hands-on, up-close look at key details and other critical information. When your partners are at another location, you can scan full-color documents and distribute them electronically for convenient collaborations with anybody, almost anywhere to speed the development process. Plus, with easy-to-use security and administrative controls, you can ensure that all your mid-volume, wide-format workloads are handled with speed, accuracy and accountability — so more projects can stay in-house and on budget.

Lanier MP W8140 Wide Format MachinesMake adjustments to fit your environment and preferences
Every office is different, as is the way each of us works. So configure the Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 wide format printer to make it more convenient for you and your team. Planning to scan a lot of documents? Use the optional scanner separation unit available for the Ricoh MP W8140 to capture and send documents without interfering with coworkers who need access to the operation panel to copy and print other documents. You can choose between front output using an optional multi-stacker or have documents released via the optional double stacker at the back of the device. You can also program the operation panel with icons, so users can access specific tasks or even jobs with a single touch to save time.

Protect your information, secure more work
The information you create is your differentiator. So why let just anybody access the unique details that set you apart? Protect technical drawings and other critical information using advanced encryption tools, including Windows Authentication and PDF encryption, to thwart threats to your password-protected information at every stage of printing and distribution. With the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), you don’t have to worry about leaving key information at the device. The Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 overwrites latent images and data on the hard drive automatically. You can also hold jobs at the device until you release them by swiping an ID card or entering your password at the control panel. Plus, the system is ENERGY STAR® certified and meets EPEAT® Gold* criteria.

*EPEAT rating is applicable only in the USA.

Canon Specialty PrintersToday’s fast-paced business world demands fast turnaround and exceptional quality.

Multifunction solutions for architects, engineers, construction and other professionals who need to scan, edit, save, share and print large-format documents easily and efficiently.

M40 Scanner with SingleSensor Technology Assembly delivers incredibly fast and accurate scan speeds
SmartWorks MFP is a scan-to-print/file/share software that includes custom presets, image enhancements and cloud integration
Direct Print & Share is Canon’s cloud portal software for file sharing—now with drag and drop printing capabilities
Customizable system lets you choose between 36” and 44” printers for maximum versatility
All-in-one computer and stand are all included in the system



Canon Specialty Printer

Canon Technology
Unique 5-Color Reactive Ink System
• High resolution: up to 2400 x 1200 dpi output
• A double set of matte black ink channels in the print head maximizes monochrome print speed
• Economy print mode helps cut down ink costs for draft prints
• 15,360-nozzle print-head with FINE technology

More Than Just Drawings
Canon’s imagePROGRAF 5-color line of printers has what you need to help simplify, strengthen and complete your workflow. For poster creation made simple, Canon’s PosterArtist Lite software gives you the tools you need to produce an eye-popping banner or display in just a few easy steps. Also included are a print plug-in for Microsoft Office and Accounting Manager software to help you keep track of ink, media and total job costs.
PC only

Experience the vast customization options that come with your iPF MFP M40 system. Designed to be a complete scan-to-print, file and share cloud solution, the iPF MFP M40 system includes a select imagePROGRAF iPF large-format printer, M40 large-format scanner, MFP stand, all-in-one, HD Multi-Touch PC and SmartWorks MFP software. This solution provides a fast and effective system for printing, copying, archiving and distributing maps, drawings, renderings, site and facilities management plans, design and layout proofs, posters and more. The iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40 are designed to fit seamlessly in any work environment. The user can mount the stand onto the printer for a true all-in-one solution or keep them separated for easy maneuverability. The iPF MFP M40 swing arm allows the user to position the HD Multi-Touch PC in a variety of positions for optimal functionality and comfort. Users can adjust the M40 scanner so documents can be scanned straight through the back of the device or guided to the front for easy retrieval. Customization is truly brought to a whole new level with the iPF MFP M40 system.

Fully operational all-in-one PC for vast customization and creativity
Integrated stand for structural customization (iPF785 and iPF780 printers only)

cubepro 3d systemsThe CubePro by 3D Systems allows you to print in vibrant colors, bringing your concept project to life

The CubePro 3D Printer features the largest-in-class build platform with ultra high-resolution. With prints 2.5 times larger than any other desktop prosumer and hobbyist printer (11.2″ x 10.6″ x 9.06″ or 285.4mm x 270.4mm x 230mm) with ultra high-resolution settings of 70-micron thin print layers, professional quality printing has never been so large or easy. All CubePro printers include complimentary conversion software. This application converts your 3D model into layered slices (G-code), ready for printing on your machine.



3D Systems CubePro

Other features and uses of CubePro software include:

  • Clear, familiar, and easy-to-use interface
  • Scaling, rotating and movement of parts on a simulated print bed
  • Proven default settings for all CubePro 3D printers
  • Ability to create custom profiles as needed
  • Imperial/metric conversion available
  • Built-in STL file verification
  • Combined part and tool path viewer
  • Profiles for multiple material/support materials

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