Buyer’s Guide to Copiers, Printers, and MFPs

Buyer's Guide to Copiers, Printers, and MFPs

Buyer’s Guide to Copiers, Printers, and MFPs

The Buyer’s Guide for Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) is a FREE eBook to help guide purchasing decision-makers through the buying process.

Throughout the course of this guide, we will discuss the ins and outs of what to expect in the buying journey. Including, but not limited to, a timeline for purchasing a copier, questionnaires to ensure a smooth and easy quoting process, common buyer mistakes and how to avoid them, how to select the best service provider, sample product comparisons, a copier pricing guide, FAQ pages, installation guidelines, links to helpful resources, and more. Join us as we take you through the buying journey and talk a bit about our company. It is important to know who you would be working with if you decide we are the best fit for your needs after reviewing all of the provided information.

Buyer's Guide to Copiers, Printers, and MFPs


What Will You Learn From Reading The Buyer’s Guide to Copiers, Printers, and MFPs?

1. Purchasing Process Timelines

The sales process varies from industry to industry and can seem intimidating to many buyers. On pg. 4 is a simple outline of the standard sales process for copiers and multi-function printers (MFPs). Keep in mind that each buyer is unique and the process may vary due to individual circumstances.

2. Factors That Affect Pricing

One of the most frequently asked questions in the copier industry continues to be about pricing. Copiers and printers can vary when it comes to price. In some cases, a $150 home printer may be the best option. However, for others in industries with high print volumes, a higher-end printer or copier may be more appropriate. With an outright purchase, a black and white copier is typically between $3,000 – $4,000, while a standard color copier starts at $6,000.

Inside this buyer’s guide, we will walk through the factors to consider when purchasing a copier. What is necessary? Which features are “nice to have”? What can you go without? While pricing may not be a precise science, this will give your team a good assessment of where to begin. Read more starting on pg. 22.

Short on time? View our one-page copier pricing guide on pg. 5.

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3. Installation Checklist

Alright, you made the deal with the best copier company for your business. Now what? Prepare your team with what to expect on installation day by reviewing our installation checklist. This checklist includes a breakdown of what the service team will be doing, what is expected of your team, and what training will take place. Staying informed is half the battle and we have you covered.

4. Leasing vs Purchasing Guidance

If you are a business owner or have buying influence in one, you have considered whether or not to purchase a copier or to enter into a lease. Based on your business structure, you will find there are pros and cons to both options. Starting on pg. 8, we discuss the pros and cons of purchasing or leasing a copier or multi-function printer.

5. Common Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The choice of the correct copier can make all the difference between a productive office and a dumpster fire. It can be challenging to ensure the best choice is made when it is time to buy a copier or printer, since most businesses don’t do this frequently.

Our team has found that the easiest way to approach a new client meeting is to discuss the common buyer mistakes upfront. By doing this, you are eliminating any potential business-related mistakes, worries, or regrets.

On pages 10-13, we will walk you through some of the most common mistakes that buyers make in the journey to the perfect copier. Always remember that it’s not only about what you need now, but what will grow with your company in the future.

6. Most Asked Questions and Answers

Moving through the proposal process, everyone has questions. We have compiled a list of four of the most asked questions by the businesses we work with. Inside the Buyer’s Guide to Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Function Printers (on pg. 26) we answer the following:

  1. What type of paper stock can I use?
  2. Why is my copy volume important?
  3. Does paper quality really make a difference?
  4. What is Managed Print Service (MPS)?

7. How to Receive a Quick Quote from Multiple Companies

To create a streamlined approach to the buying process, the copiers and MFP checklist was created to make an informed purchasing decision. This guide should allow your team to evaluate your needs, fast-track the sales process, and submit multiple quotes easily. DOWNLOAD PDF: Pre-Purchase Checklist – Copiers and Printers

By taking advantage of the resources within, you will be able to assess your needs and make an informed decision about which copier service company best suits you.


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