Buyer’s Guide to Managed IT Services

Buyer’s Guide to Managed IT Services

The Buyer’s Guide to Managed IT Services is a FREE eBook to help guide purchasing decision-makers through the buying process.

Throughout the course of this guide, we will discuss the ins and outs of what to expect in the buying journey. Including, but not limited to, questionnaires to ensure a smooth and easy quoting process, factors that affect pricing, how to select the best service provider, outsourcing vs in-house IT services and which is right for your business, FAQ pages, links to helpful resources, and more. Join us as we take you through the buying journey and introduce Ford Office Technologies and our sales team. It is important to know who you would be working with if you decide we are the best fit for your needs after reviewing all of the provided information.

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What Will You Learn from Reading The Buyer’s Guide to Managed IT Services?

1. What Questions to Ask During the Buying Process

Many businesses outside of the IT industry struggle when it comes to what to ask to ensure they are partnering with the best service provider. To help avoid any mistakes when choosing a provider to go into contract with, we developed a due diligence checklist. What should you ask a potential provider about their services? What will the day-to-day functionality of the services look like? Are they available after hours? Can they provide on-site services when needed? What security measures do they take? What is their pricing structure? Inside the buyer’s guide to managed IT services, you will find these questions and more (pg. 5).

2. Factors That Affect Pricing

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Managed IT industry continues to be about pricing. Many small to mid-sized businesses we talk to think they could never afford to outsource their IT services. Despite these initial worries, it has been proven that by choosing a package that fits their needs, most, if not all, businesses can afford these services.

But, how much does it actually cost? There are a lot of factors that play into the cost of Managed IT because it is truly dependent on your specific needs. In this guide, we walk through a few of the top factors that affect Managed IT pricing and how to save some money, while still getting everything needed for your business. Read more starting on pg. 6.

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3. How to Select the Best Service Provider

The great IT debate of outsourced IT vs in-house IT staff. Is it best to hire an internal employee or outsource to a third-party managed IT partner? On pg. 17, we discuss the pros and cons of each choice and the common differences between the two most common IT business structures.

4. Outsourcing vs In-House IT Services and Which is Right for Your Business

In the quest for the best IT partner, there are many factors to consider. Will their business style be a good fit for your company? Are they easy to reach when there is a problem? Can they visit on-site if needed? What does after-hours service look like? When considering Managed IT companies there can be an overwhelming amount of questions you want to ask. To make the process a bit easier, we have compiled a list of the most important factors to consider based on our experience in the industry on pg. 14.

5. Most Asked Questions and Answers

Moving through the proposal process, everyone has questions. We have compiled a list of four of the most asked questions by the businesses we work with. Inside the Buyer’s Guide to Managed IT (on pg. 24) we answer the following:

  1. What even is managed IT?
  2. How frequent are data breaches?
  3. What should you look for in a good IT support provider?
  4. How disruptive is implementing managed IT?

6. How to Receive a Quick Quote from Multiple Companies

To create a streamlined approach to the buying process, the below managed IT services checklist for buyers was created to make an informed managed IT service purchasing decision. This guide should allow your team to evaluate your needs, fast-track the sales process, and submit multiple quotes easily. DOWNLOAD PDF: Pre-Purchase Checklist – Managed IT Services

By taking advantage of the resources within, you will be able to assess your needs and make an informed decision about which managed IT service company best suits you.



Ford Office Technologies is a family-owned and operated office technology company with multiple locations throughout western Pennsylvania, serving clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland. They are the largest independent provider of office equipment and managed services in the area and provide complete office technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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