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Legal Solutions

Legal Solutions

Since the legal industry is constantly changing, you may have already started experiencing increased competition from conventional and non-conventional legal service providers, constant regulation challenges, rising client expectations, and an ongoing threat for security breaches, which could put the information of your clients at risk.

We have been in the industry for a long time now, and helped hundreds of companies to manage their digital information and hard copy documents. We understand such information needs to be kept available on a moment’s notice, and secure. If you are the administrator, a managing partner or an attorney then you might be spending a lot of your valuable time creating, copying, retrieving, printing, filing, and modifying the various versions of documents to serve your clients better. This is where we step in to make your workflow more efficient!

How Our Legal Solutions Can Help Your Legal Firm

We provide a comprehensive blend of IT services and technology products. The following are some of the benefits of using our legal services:

  1. Maximum security protection
  2. Disaster recovery readiness
  3. Better file version control
  4. Quick document retrieval
  5. Enhanced employee productivity
  6. Both hard copy and digital case files
  7. Accurate client chargebacks
  8. Reduction and control of expenses

We can increase the productivity of your firm, from contracts to court briefs and beyond, and improve your billable hours through the conversions of hard copy documents into secure easily retrievable electronic files. Our workflow and scanning solutions enables you to scan paper files easily into digital copies, which are stored along with your electronic files in a secure location that can be accessible any time via the web. Keep in mind that the documents can only be retrieved by users you have granted permission using client names, case numbers, filings or other designated fields.

Corporate legal departments, small and mid-sized firms, court systems and large practices can benefit from our legal solutions and document workflow solutions. We provide the ability to essentially streamline your processes so that you become more productive and provide better services to their clients. Some of the common areas of opportunity include:

  1. NDAs and Contracts E-file compliance
  2. Legal briefs, motions, rulings, and filings
  3. Practice and client records
  4. Disaster planning and recovery efforts to back up critical information
  5. Corporate counsel minutes
  6. Routing and workflow protocols to ensure security and version control as the documents are edited, reviewed, circulated, and approved by various entities.

If you are interested in taking the next step, we’d like to hear from you and discuss the opportunities for your firm, and how our legal solutions help you improve your productivity.

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