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Education Solutions

You would think as technology continues to advance, as tablets and laptops in the classroom become more common, that printing costs would naturally fall. Yet that has hardly been the case in most educational institutions where print costs have actually been running out of control. Many schools are struggling to find education solutions for these ever-rising costs and no one likes the idea of new fees, expenses or tuition. At Ford Office Technologies we take pride in helping you find quality education solutions through our print management solutions.

Custom Control Of Your Printing

This is perhaps the biggest benefit we can offer any educational institution. You can now have complete control of your printing costs. Take total control and information, or customize various options to focus on the areas that are most important to you.

With our products you can:

  1. Track some or all documents printed
  2. Set printing limits on accounts or machines
  3. Re-direct print jobs for better cost efficiency
  4. Set up balance systems to make students and faculty budget appropriately
  5. Enjoy the benefits of serious print tracking technology

These benefits add up to some serious savings, and that can be hard to find in the arena of education solutions. This gives your institution the edge and helps make expenses more predictable and easy to budget around!

Helping You Conquer Common Document Challenges

At Ford Office Technologies we take pride in providing solutions through technology. At your educational institution if you have dealt with budget issues at some point the print expenses have definitely jumped off the page at you. Do any of these document challenges sound familiar?

  1. Wildly unpredictable budgets
  2. Uncontrolled surges in printing
  3. Completely avoidable waste of resources
  4. Waste reduction
  5. Machines down when they’re needed most (peak use)
  6. Getting accurate charge backs
  7. Student information & records

These are just a few of the common document challenges our products can help you get under control once and for all for a better experience, happier budget, and all without losing service. In fact the level of satisfaction for all involved around document issues actually often improves!

Cut Down The Waste

There’s no question that waste plays a significant role in driving up expenses and busting pre-set budgets. Our products help make it easy to track repeat offenders, maintain proper budgeting of supplies, and a more efficient use of the resources available to solve all document related issues your educational institution is wrestling with! For more information on our solutions, feel free to contact us.

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